The British weather is always variable

We can have heatwaves in summer and these live on as folklore – like the summer of 1976.

Winters can be cold, but severe snow and ice inevitably generate a dramatic name – like the Beast from the East in February and March 2018.

1976 and 2018 were extremes but what do you do to protect your staff and visitors through autumn to spring from adverse weather?

Many companies, schools and businesses use our team at WeatherWise for gritting services

We have a large, professional team on standby from dusk til dawn (Tarantino anyone?) to de-ice, grit and clear your premises before staff, visitors and customers arrive the next day.

Gritting services when you need them

is not simply a blog title, but an accurate representation of what we do.

Let’s explain further.

Tim and Andy, our two directors, watch the weather from October to April, like kestrels hovering on a motorway verge. This doesn’t mean asking Alexa, Siri, Google for weather updates every 15 minutes, but via a sophisticated app.

This app offers accurate geo-located weather conditions which determines whether the team are given the green light to grit premises of clients on our books. If night time temperatures are predicted to be 10 degrees, for example, the Weatherwise team are stood down, like Miss Havisham in “Great Expectations”.

If the app signals a drop in temperatures overnight, the team are triggered in locations that are affected.

Cost effective gritting services

Clearly, if night time temperatures are fairly mild, you don’t pay us to unnecessarily grit your forecourt, car parks, paths and roads. If temperatures are low, you don’t have to send a message to Tim and Andy.

We know already and will make your wintry surfaces safe to walk and drive on.

That’s gritting services when you need them

Clearly too, in months when many workers are downing tools and heading home to relax for Christmas or February half term or Easter, we don’t suddenly follow suit.

Our gritting services run from autumn to spring and if there’s mild spells, we’re busy doing maintenance on vehicles or snow clearing equipment, rather than booking a week in Spain.

That’s the whole point.

We are there when you need us; when the weather dictates we’re needed and you can trust us to deliver when the app tells us weather conditions are likely to produce ice, sleet or snow.

If you’d like to be a part of our winter gritting services, call us on 0333 772 9525 or email [email protected]