Winter has yet to bite

We’re still stuck in the damp and drear of rain of late autumn, but who knows what’s round the corner, weather wise?

2020 has been an unusual year and that’s putting it mildly.

A global pandemic, lockdowns (local and national) have meant daily habits have changed – perhaps for good? Who knows?

New words of 2020

WFH, or Working From Home has become common parlance; as has “lockdown”, “circuit breakers” and perhaps, most curiously – furlough.

Furlough was probably a term people had heard of before but this year has brought it to the fore, with Rishi Sunak’s numerous emergency budgets.

We’ve seen other slogans too as a result of Coronavirus: “hands, face, space” being just one of many.

With December approaching and the coldest months of winter to come in January and February, what will winter bring?

Will we get a Beast from the East?

Only just over 2 years ago, much of Britain was paralysed from the four word term: Beast from the East in March 2018 and it wrought chaos on unsuspecting businesses and the public. Council resources were stretched with snow gritting and there were apocalyptic scenes of snow plough gritter lorries in peril.

At Weatherwise Services, we were similarly stretched in that period with gritting snow clearance and snow gritting

We do though expect snow and ice from October to March (or even April) and that is 6 solid months of gritting and snow clearance.

You don’t have to expect the scenes from March 2018 though to safeguard your staff, visitors, customers, students – any temperature below 4 degrees can cause a hazard. You may see the snow warnings on your car’s temperature gauge when leaving home for work or the school run. It flashes or beeps when temperatures dip below 4 degrees.

Weatherwise Services are that early warning system for you – we have a team of vehicles and highly qualified personnel to tackle inclement weather.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

On a side note, we’re delighted that a vaccine for Covid 19 is being developed. The awful global events of 2020 may become a big footnote in history. Few predicted it earlier this year.

What we do know though is that ice, snow and frost will never disappear

But we are always on hand from October onwards to be your weather guardian angels.