They say you’re one of two types with weather – those who would love summer heat every day of the year, or those who love short days and cold wintry climates. 

In the UK, we know that seasons are increasingly blurred in terms of extreme temperatures. The mercury can oscillate between 2 degrees and 20 degrees in October for example.

Weatherwise Services love both summer and winter, which may seem commercially odd for a leading gritting company.

We love summer, because it’s a chance to recharge the batteries so to speak of our fleet and people, but winter provides a revenue stream.

Why pick us then to keep your school premises, playgrounds, paths, driveways, entrances and exits safe during the colder months?

Firstly, we are fully insured and used to early rises. 

We can be on your school site or sites by 6am, meaning you don’t have to pay ancillary staff overtime. You’ll save too on buying expensive bagged salt, which we purchase far more affordably in bulk as we get through a lot with our extensive gritting from October to the end of March, typically. 

We’re also fully insured and DBS compliant. 

If you’ve already got salt boxes, let us fill them for you when we visit. 

Our services mean that you have total peace of mind as we protect your pupils, parents, staff and visitors, like delivery drivers, on the site.  

What does this cost, is the million dollar question?

We know that many schools operate on restricted budgets and our site gritting costs as little as £25 per visit. Obviously, this is dependent on size of grounds, amount of car parking, number of playgrounds etc. 

If you want to take advantage of fixed price gritting, we have this covered too – as well as your paths. 

We calculate this on an average of 42 visits, which is totalled up and split between five fixed invoices payable from November to March. 

The advantage of this, apart from knowing you’ve got five months of inclement weather protection, is that you are not restricted to a maximum of 42 at all. 

If a Storm Ciara, Dennis or Beast from the East arrives unexpectedly, you’re able to assure parents, staff and students that they won’t end up snowed in, or tripping up, on the school premises. 

We also have a CPV payment schedule

That’s Cost Per Visit – we assess your school / academy / college premises and provide a fixed monthly bill for the agreed number of site visits. 

Weatherwise Services are used extensively by the health and retail sector and we are experts in protecting premises and entrance areas with brine spraying and non-corrosive substances. 

Additionally, as well as the proactive service of agreed visits, we are on hand to clear snow if you find there’s a need for it at certain points of the year. 

No one can predict accurately when and where snow will fall heavily a month in advance, but you can be assured that we will react quickly to these situations and we will happily discuss costings of snow clearance with you. 

How does the process work?

You simply contact Tim or Andy via phone or email, which are on our website. We will chat with you about your winter needs and once a proposal is agreed, we give you a full winter maintenance plan, which will delight parents, staff, visitors and insurers alike.

Your school will be in complete control of the process.

You will receive an email from us based on Met Office forecasts, when temperatures are expected to be low, with ice, snow or sleet a real probability. 

You then leave the rest with us. 

Please note too that we don’t grit sites on weekends, although we do class Sunday as a working day so your establishment is fully open on Mondays. 

To find out more, call us on 0333 772 9525 or email [email protected]