When to grit your premises: Site maintenance in cold weather

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Knowing how often you need to grit your premises will help to ensure you stay on top of site maintenance in cold weather. Gritting for site safety is vital to ensuring the safety of staff and visitors and reducing costs. It may feel strange to be thinking about getting the gritter out when spring is

How gritting works and who’s responsible for doing it?

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Gritting roads is essential during the winter months in the UK. Knowing how gritting works as a business owner can ensure the roads and pathways around a premises are safe for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. The process of gritting involves spreading salt or grit on the road surfaces to prevent ice. It’s something we take

How we can help your school, academy, college over winter

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They say you’re one of two types with weather - those who would love summer heat every day of the year, or those who love short days and cold wintry climates.  In the UK, we know that seasons are increasingly blurred in terms of extreme temperatures. The mercury can oscillate between 2 degrees and 20