Are sequels ever better than the originals?

We can all reel off titles of films and albums where the first was the best. "Jaws" released in 1975 was never surpassed in remakes; same with "Home Alone", The Arctic Monkeys' debut album is superior, in many eyes (and ears) to releases since. Further back to the late 70s Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures" is

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Walking in a winter wonderland in Leicester?

We know Christmas is over - with decorations generally packed away, but we're still feeling festive. We thought we 'd offer a concise blog as we've all hands to the pumps at the minute and showcase visually some of our work from December and January. We do have active Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts -

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Are you worried about winter gritting for your company?

2020 has been a strange year - probably the understatement of the century and as it begins to close its doors, it gets stranger. Weather wise that is (pun fully intended). We're based in a central part of England - Leicestershire if you demand exactitude. You may know it from Jamie Vardy's exploits at Leicester

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What is the best snow clearance equipment?

What is the best snow clearance equipment? We are fortunate in the UK that snow clearance is a seasonal, and quite uncommon activity. We've posted lots of photos this week on on our LinkedIn and Instagram accounts of lots of snow around the world. Follow us here on Instagram. We've displayed snow scenes from Dakota,

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Can you be sued for snow-related injuries at school?

There's often something of an outcry when primary and high schools announce closure due to bad winter weather. Parents look out of their windows pre school run and some question whether closure is necessary. It's never an easy call for a headteacher to make. On the one hand, as we've seen during 2020 with Covid

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Jumpers for goalposts, certificates for fridges?

Come on, it's human nature. No matter how old we are, no one can resist praise. As children, we'd skip with joy if a teacher commended us. Certificates still adorn the sides of fridges and everyone prefers the carrot to the stick. Weatherwise Services Ltd are no different. We love carrots, like snowmen do. It's

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Snow gritting – why it pays to be prepared

Winter has yet to bite We're still stuck in the damp and drear of rain of late autumn, but who knows what's round the corner, weather wise? 2020 has been an unusual year and that's putting it mildly. A global pandemic, lockdowns (local and national) have meant daily habits have changed - perhaps for good?

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How we can help your school, academy, college over winter

They say you’re one of two types with weather - those who would love summer heat every day of the year, or those who love short days and cold wintry climates.  In the UK, we know that seasons are increasingly blurred in terms of extreme temperatures. The mercury can oscillate between 2 degrees and 20

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