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Need your footpath gritting?

The footpaths on your site are important routes and need to be safe for all pedestrian traffic at all times.

Weatherwise Services, utilising our long serving and fully trained staff, ensure that your footpaths are comprehensively gritted so that they are free from ice and snow and remain so.

Specialist equipment

Using the latest specific equipment for an even coverage prevents random patches of ice forming which can be extremely hazardous. We are able to return to any site within the 24 hour period to re-apply salt following rain or snow ensuring that your important routes remain open and safe to all users.

Varying methods

Footpath gritting is achieved using a variety of equipment including Drop Spreaders, Rotary Spreaders and scoop distributed salt. These varying methods allow us to effectively spread the salt where it needs to be and prevents it being spread on sensitive areas such as flower beds or lawns.