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Need your retail area gritting?

With high footfall comes increased risks for both vehicular access and for pedestrians when either ice or snow is on the ground. 

Weatherwise services are experienced in assisting you to manage these risks by providing a bespoke service that fulfils the requirements but recognises the specific demands of your site and we are always available for providing both assistance and advice regarding your site.

We can offer bespoke solutions to any issue relevant to your site or to any concerns regarding the delivery of winter maintenance. 

Keeping you open

Recently we experienced an issue where salt crystals were becoming clogged within the automatic door runnels – this was solved by stopping salt spreading within 4 meters of the doors and replacing the salt with a sprayed brine solution which prevented the salt entering the door workings the maintained the integrity of the service by continuing to protect against ice.

Service visits to these sites can be arranged to ensure that your site is serviced prior to your busiest times when accidents are most likely to occur.