What is the best snow clearance equipment?

We are fortunate in the UK that snow clearance is a seasonal, and quite uncommon activity.

We’ve posted lots of photos this week on on our LinkedIn and Instagram accounts of lots of snow around the world.

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We’ve displayed snow scenes from Dakota, Germany, the Niagara Falls that all make British winters look a bit – tame.

However, the UK is not immune to frost, ice and snow in winter and already the Weatherwise Services team have been called into action with gritting across the Midlands.

Us British are obsessed with the weather, as you know, and our team, led by Tim and Andy, take this obsession to new levels.

What triggers snow clearance?

We all know from car dashboard warnings that temperatures dipping to 4 degrees or below are warning signs.

It’s no good though to be sat in a vehicle to be alerted by a flashing frost sign – we use a weather app that triggers action.

If there’s snow, we do deploy staff and snow clearance equipment.

So what is the best snow clearance equipment?

The answer is, in a vague way, it depends!

A snow shovel is great for clearing small areas of snowfall in Leicester or Coventry, for example.

A big flurry on an industrial estate in Loughborough, or a school in Market Harborough, needs more than the humble shovel though.

Hand held snow ploughs are great too

These are often diesel powered and look like mowers with a snow blade on the front.

For bigger jobs, there’s snow blowers, as well as salt and grit spreaders.

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You can see some recent jobs and snow clearance equipment below: