2020 has been a strange year – probably the understatement of the century and as it begins to close its doors, it gets stranger.

Weather wise that is (pun fully intended).

We’re based in a central part of England – Leicestershire if you demand exactitude. You may know it from Jamie Vardy’s exploits at Leicester City and their awe-inspiring Premier League champion ascendancy not so long ago.

Because we’re central and fairly low-lying, the area is prone to ice, frost and snow in autumn, winter and spring – and December has been no exception. You may expect snow and ice to be a fairly frequent occurrence in Scotland, northern England and Wales. But the East Midlands? Perhaps.

Our team though have been incredibly busy this month as snow and low temperatures have blanketed many parts of England. The Isle of Wight has even seen snow and ice, we believe.

Snow ploughs on the M62

The media is fond of showing snow ploughs trundling across the M62, near Saddleworth, Oldham, but those types of scenes are less common on the M1 that splices our home county.

Instead we get frost and ice, which is less scenic for the media lens, but just as inconvenient for businesses, homes and schools.

Our services

To that end, we offer quite a few winter gritting services, and snow clearance is just one.

  1. Footpath gritting is a major part of our work. We use an experienced team to make sure your paths are clear (and stay clear) for employees and visitors. Our team are equipped too with specialist equipment, such as Drop Spreaders, Rotary Spreaders and scoop distributed salt.
  2. Car park gritting. You don’t want staff and visitors to struggle to negotiate access to your company car parks. Many of our clients invest in using us for health and safety reasons and for creating the right first impression.  Delivery vehicles may need to access your site. Staff need to walk from cars to gritted paths. Our winter gritting teams are like owls – wise and nocturnal! You don’t want our personnel disrupting your working day – so they operate in downtime. We alert them via a sophisticated app when they’re needed and they turn up, like owls (or vampires) at night or dawn to make sure your car park and paths are safe.
  3. Forecourt gritting. People need petrol, diesel and a pie in all weathers. The last thing you want as a petrol station is people driving by to another one because the forecourt looks dangerous. With many petrol stations and supermarkets operating 24/7, we can tailor winter gritting for when you need it and when footfall (or tyrefall) is at its lowest.

You’ve read just three of our services – we have other specialisms too which we will cover in future posts.

You can read more about Tim Grainger here too.

If you’d like to be a part of our winter gritting schedules, contact us today.

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