We sincerely hope you don’t have one of those ear worms, where a song gets stuck in your head on loop for hours and days on end with our punny song title.

There are some real correlations though between show business and snow business if you’ll allow us to stretch the analogy.

A theatrical performance of acting, dancing, singing, music takes years to master and only hours to perform. If you’ve got children who’ve been in a nativity or a school play, you’ll know the huge time expended on practising lines at home and rehearsing at school for it to be distilled into a short performance to parents and family.

At Weatherwise Services Ltd, we have the equivalent of long school holidays stretching from about May to September where our nightly rituals of snow clearing and gritting are obviously not needed. We say obviously, but weather can be unpredictable and you may, or may not know, that it snowed in June 1976, that epochal year of heat. Madrid has had deep snow this winter and you’ll have seen the tragic stories in Texas.

Our work during late spring and summer is reduced but it is a time to maintain snow clearing equipment and vehicles and, more importantly, recharge our batteries.

This winter, for us, has been a tough one as snow and ice have been prevalent for weeks. We don’t just feel that we’ve memorised 5 lines in a nativity for a two minute performance but a long run of the gritting equivalent of “The Mousetrap” on the stage or roads across the Midlands. That play ran from 1952 to 2000 in the West End, and this winter, for our team, feels just as arduous!

Now don’t get us wrong, just as actors and actresses love performing, we love what we do: making roads, paths, car parks, retail areas safe for you and your customers from our Loughborough HQ.

If you’ve ever cleared a drive at home of snow, you’ll know it’s hard work but incredibly satisfying (or are we just weird?!?)

As soon as Tim and Andy are alerted to snow and ice on their tracking apps, the team are deployed. Tim and Andy have worked incessantly too with the team on sites this past 4 months. We enjoy it too.

Snow business is hard work, just as show business is

You’ve got to be prepared, know where you’re going and what you’re doing so we get clapped (and paid) at the end of our rituals with customers applauding our work. If we fluff our lines, enter stage right when the weather is mild, we get booed! Not literally – but you get the idea.

Our snow clearing services have been in massive demand this year; we’ve had encore after encore and with more poor weather predicted, you still have time to protect the welfare of your employees and visitors by using this successful team.

If you want to book a ticket, or a season ticket, contact us today.

With a bow, we’ll now exit left having stretched a theatrical metaphor to breaking point.

After 3, there’s no business like snow business …