When we mention to people that Loughborough is our base, most people understand where it is and associate the town with its university. It is a university associated primarily with Sport and Sports Science and has an illustrious roll call from Sebastian Coe to Monty Panesar to Paula Radcliffe to name but three. Who can forget Seb Coe’s pace in those epic duels with Steve Ovett in the 80s? If you have amnesia or are too young, here’s a reminder from the 1980 Moscow Olympics; 41 years ago!

There’s been more recent success at Leicester City, who defied all odds to win the Premier League with Claudio Ranieri and local hero Jamie Vardy. That team continue to excel under Brendan Rodgers, who’s continued the success for our nearest city.

We’re proud, at Weatherwise Services Ltd, to be associated with this part of the East Midlands and for reasons other than sport.

Let’s look at something more prosaic – the road network round us.

The M1 runs from north to south, as a major arterial route parallel to Leicester and Loughborough. It weaves its way past Daventry, Northampton, MK, Luton, ending in London and it’s a motorway that is perennially busy. Many towns and cities line its route and these places all have premises that we serve.

Shopping centres, retail parks, business parks are common in this corridor and because the M1 lies inland, winter temperatures drop.

Now don’t get us wrong – we’re not saying Loughborough and Leicester are like Chamonix or Morzine. No they’re not the gateway to anything alpine but, as places, they get cold in winter. And this year has been no exception. The last three months have been frantic for our team. No exaggeration either – the Weatherwise Services team, led by Tim and Andy, have been frenetically busy making car parks, roads, paths, entrances safe.

Now don’t get us wrong – we love it as you’ll see from our Instagram page. We enjoy what we do immensely, even though it involves long nights of work in cold conditions.

The other great thing about our snow clearance HQ in Loughborough is just how close we are to other towns and cities. 

Coventry, one of our main areas, is just 40 miles away via the M42 or M69; Derby is a mere 19 miles north up the A6; whilst Birmingham is under 45 miles away.

It’s why Loughborough is a perfect base for us

Temperatures dip dramatically in winter and we’re close enough to major conurbations to have your business covered.

We may not have the pedigree of Paula Radcliffe, Seb Coe or Jamie Vardy, but, trust us, we’re fast and responsive when your business needs us to ensure health and safety.

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