There’s no doubt this winter has been a chilly one – we’ve had our teams working solidly and stoically now for months.

Our weather alert app has seen the full team dispatched with snow clearing and salt, without many breaks.

We’re not complaining though as we love what we do and some sage said if you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life.

Our season, covering the East and West Midlands, usually stretches from October to May, but this year we’re apparently in for a March – April surprise – more snow.

You can read the article here, where LBC are predicting falling temperatures and more of the white stuff, heading from the north.

Clearly, we’re happy that this is predicted – not because we love money, no, we do it for the love of the job!

What we’ve found this year is that more and more customers are taking up our winter clearing services and we’re delighted to say that we’ve put together a comprehensive (and attractive) five page brochure that you can ask us for. It’s PDF (Portable Document Format, apparently) and gives a nice summary of how we can help your businesses through autumn, spring and winter.

Email or call Tim and Andy if you’d like a copy.

We’d also like to invite you to follow our LinkedIn and Instagram feeds – again, these are not dull as ditchwater content treadmills, but interesting updates. We know we’re biased yes, but followers and engagement on each channel has mushroomed. It’s because we’re such fun guys?

With schools reopening next week too, along with that forecast bad weather, if you’re reading this and have stakes in a school as a parent or teacher, we’re very happy to keep your school paths, drives and doorways free of frost and ice.

School staff have enough to worry about with the pandemic and our team would be delighted to keep your premises safe for staff, pupils and visitors.

When warmer weather arrives, we don’t simply jet off to sun kissed beaches, we prepare for the seasons ahead.

October 2021 will see us gearing up again for another season of ice, frost and snow. Our intrepid team will be out in the dark, making contracted areas safe.

If you’d like winter protection services for autumn 2021 and beyond, get in touch and we promise you won’t get a frosty reception from us!