We all know the routine of asking Siri, Alexa, Google for the weather today and the jokes about “why not look out of your window?” The weather is a curiously British habit and one we talk about as much it seems as tea and queuing.

This month, January 2021, has been an exceptional one

You may say – it’s mid winter, January, do you expect 20 degree heat, but hear us out.

Now we’re not meteorological experts at Weatherwise Services Ltd. We don’t study wind directions, cloud patterns and changes in pressure. We’re not that sophisticated! What we do well though is making your premises safe in cold weather by using technology.

We’ve mentioned this before of course, but we have an app that Tim and Andy, our directors, monitor closely like Jamie Vardy on a diagonal pass near goal (Leicester City reference as we’re proud of Vardy and the team). We know when temperatures are going to be low and when they’re not.

Our area of gritting is a wide one

We cover the whole width of the midlands from Coventry and indeed the Welsh borders to the East Midlands of Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and Loughborough.

Now none of these areas could be classed as alpine – Derby is no Chamonix, but there are hills, low lying valleys and exposed places that are frost traps. You’ll also probably know that Birmingham is the furthest place in England from the sea, where temperatures are always cooler in summer and milder in winter. It’s why snow and frost is rare across the east and west coast towns of England.

Anyway, we digress.

Our team are nocturnal spreaders of love

Not quite, but they do love what they do and once sites are triggered by the app, Tim and Andy tell these nocturnal salt spreaders and snow clearers to get ready.

They say a picture paints a thousand words – if you look on our Instagram or LinkedIn page, you’ll see this work. If you’re not a social media type, check out the samples below. If you want your premises, retail outlet, school, paths and roads made winter safe when temperatures drop, give us a bell anytime on 0333 772 9525 or email [email protected]