We know Christmas is over – with decorations generally packed away, but we’re still feeling festive.

We thought we ‘d offer a concise blog as we’ve all hands to the pumps at the minute and showcase visually some of our work from December and January.

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Hence the title Winter Wonderland Leicester.

It’s been an incredibly cold December and January with most of our gritting services team out nightly for well over a month. The app we use has triggered lots of nocturnal grit and salt spreading most days.

We’re lucky to have a great team who work diligently and professionally even over Christmas – so you can walk in a winter wonderland Leicester, Loughborough, Ashby, Derby, Nottingham and Coventry.

Here’s a taster of the work we do for businesses across the East and West Midlands – if you’d like to be part of our gritting services, contact us.